Adipurush Trailer Review

The trailer opens with a voice over from Lord Hanuman who is played by Devdatta Nage. Sitting and meditating in a cave he introduces us to Lord Ram and dedicates the story to his journey from being a human to achieving his status as God. The first impact is solid with large frame of Lord Ram, Sita and walking and greeting Hanuman.

While the visual effects of Adipurush are breaking new grounds, it’s the dialogues that will connect and captivate you emotionally. The language and words used to portray various emotions of Lord Ram are chosen with care. When he’s angry, when he’s humble, when he’s loving, every dialogue showcases a different side to his personality which has a myriad of emotions from forgiveness to vengeance.

Adipurush’s trailer has several awe-inspiring scenes and moments, many of which are deeply etched in our minds and memories from childhood. The makers seem to have corrected all their wrongs and ensured they have also made the characters to look as real as possible, erasing any memory of the live action feel that came from the previous trailer.

Adipurush’s trailer looks grand on the big screen and it seems to be the perfect tribute to the greatest story ever told in our time

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